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If you love projects in a pixelated style where you can craft and construct, you should not miss Lokicraft! This entertainment is a finding for all creative people. Here you will find cool tasks, as well as a huge number of tools for creativity. You have no restrictions here – build and destroy, explore and travel. There are lots of dangers and wonders to enjoy in this wonderful universe. So do not waste any more time, immerse yourself in this cool atmosphere right now and enjoy tons of positive emotions!

Where to start?

If you have played Minecraft, it will not be difficult for you to master this game nuances as well. You will have to build your virtual world practically from scratch. As you are alone in a new environment, you need to think about shelter. Look around to find some resources to build something before the night comes as wild animals are just waiting to catch you. The next step is to craft some tools that will enable you to get some food as well as protect yourself from various dangers. This process is practically endless as you can get an unlimited amount of materials if you work hard. Actually, the extraction of resources is the main part of the gameplay.

Some of them are very accessible, and you do not require special tools to obtain them. But you will have to struggle and risk to get the others. For example, to get metal, you will need to craft and improvise lots of special devices. You can even become a farmer in this project and start breeding your own livestock. Animals will also bring lots of precious things you can sell or exchange. So, lots of hard work awaits you in Lokicraft!

Travel around the world!

Lokicraft will never become boring thanks to a stunning variety of natural landscapes. You will find absolutely everything here – plains, high mountains, dense forests, luxurious gardens, stormy oceans and fabulous lakes with mysterious islands. You can freely travel around all these locations. Just select the place you like the most and stop here to settle down. Start building your house in this area and do your best to create something unique and amazing. Luckily, you will have all the tools for this mission. If you still find this process too routine, try to switch to survival mode.

In this case, things become more exciting as you will be surrounded by crowds of enemies that will try to attack your constructions and settlement. In this case, the game will transform into an even more thrilling adventure, forcing you to craft even more weapons and invent the most efficient protective strategies. Lokicraft is continuously developing, offering new features and creative elements. And you will never get bored here – start this incredible journey today to have as much fun as possible!

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