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If you love online games where you need to create something exclusive, then you should try Lockicraft! This is a wonderful pixelated simulator that will give you literally limitless opportunities. What can you do here? You can construct whatever you like, start a farm, grow a garden, and fight with enemies. As you see, lots of work is awaiting you in this project. But be sure, you will enjoy it to the fullest if you devote enough attention to it. Are you ready to give it a try?

What is the ultimate mission here?

As you have already noticed, the Lokicraft design is very similar to the popular Minecraft playground. And it is worth mentioning that the gameplay is also closely intertwined. You will find yourself in the pixelated world where you will need to create something of your own. Do not worry if it seems difficult at the beginning – you will achieve everything, moving in little steps. You will have only some territory in the beginning.

But just look around – there are plenty of different materials that can be found here. You just need to unleash your creativity and craft the basic tools you need for building. Then think about some shelter for yourself. At first, you will be able to construct only primitive things, but as you move forward, you will upgrade your tool inventory and enhance your creations. There are no limits here – extract as many resources as you only can and build whatever you like!

Survival or creative mod?

When you start playing, you will be offered to choose between two game modes – survival or creativity. If you are looking for more radical experience, then opt for the first one. In this case, you will have to explore the surrounding world and confront all the possible enemies. All your constructions and buildings will be continuously attacked by the opponents, and your task is to protect your possessions from these vandals. If you want just to enjoy peaceful activity, then try Lokicraft in creative mode. In this version, you will get unlimited resources with which you can create and build to the fullest. Both modes have fabulous music accompaniment that makes the walkthrough even more enjoyable!

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