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Garten Of Banban 3

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Finally, we have arrived at the next chapter of Garten of Banban. If you recollect the previous installments, you have been exploring mysterious premises of the abandoned kindergarten. But the place turned out to be not empty! To their greatest shock, the players have met a lot of weird residents here. They all have bright and cartoonish appearances, but not all of them are friendly towards the main character. Some of these creatures will do their best to set traps for you and get rid of you!

Will you dig out the truth?

There should be some evidence here that will help you find out why kids disappeared from this place in the past. Tin this new chapter, you will have to explore new locations that were hidden in the previous parts. At the same time, you will meet more antagonists. Now you will need to think harder as they will surprise you with new quests. Luckily, you will have a tiny drone that will enable you to discover what is happening in the most distant corners. Use your logic and activate all your reflexes to successfully pass all new trials in the mysterious kindergarten.

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