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Monster School Vs Siren Head

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This cool project combines two thrilling games that you have surely already played. These are Siren Head and Monster school. So get ready to see a handful of scary personages in this cool entertainment. So what has brought them all together? One day, Siren Head has attacked the school where monsters were peacefully having their classes. Now Herobrine, their teacher, will need to protect the students and destroy the evil attacker! Will you help them to cope with this challenge?

Go through endless trials!

You will have to lead all the characters through a lot of quests to escape your enemy. And you know well how dangerous Siren Head may be. There are a lot of levels to enjoy – they all come with tricky traps and lots of humorous situations. You will be surprised to discover that even monsters can be scared to death and run away from the evil enemy. But you will need to help them so that they can safely return to their exciting classes. Do not miss the chance to test this fabulous modification and interact with your favorite characters. Have fun!

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