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The Baby In Yellow

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A new horror story is waiting for the fans of this genre. It is Baby in Yellow! At first, you will not even understand why this game is considered to be horror. The plot seems quite peaceful – your main character is a babysitter. Nothing scary, right? You have been hired to look after the baby in a yellow for a few days. The pay looks great for such an easy job. Besides, you will get a chance to live in a big mansion all this time. So you start your first day with lots of enthusiasm.

Follow the list of tasks!

You will have a lot of routine things to do. The baby needs to be fed with milk, washed, and entertained. You need to watch to change its diapers in time and put all the toys to their places. Do not worry you will miss something. You will see all the instructions on the left side of the screen. Just make sure that you complete them all. Even if you do not have babysitting skills – there are enough tips here for you to understand how to get certain things done. While you are completing your first assignments, you may even get upset that there are no jumpscares and monsters here. But wait a little and you will regret this thought. When the game comes to its end, you will start noticing strange things. You will discover that some objects move on their own. For example, you were sure you left a bottle of milk in the fridge but it mysteriously disappeared. And this is not a single case like that.

Baby disappears!

Even if you were trying to ignore these weird moments, the next event will shock you. The child disappears one moment. It simply vanished from your eyesight. How is that possible if your ward was in front of you just a minute ago? But there is no other solution than to search for the baby. It should be somewhere inside the house, but there are so many rooms here that you can easily get lost! Moreover, you will soon discover that all these premises are full of terrible obstacles and traps. What the hell is going on here? You will have to solve multiply puzzles and quests to find out the truth. It is obvious that this family has a lot of dark secrets and you must reveal them! Make sure to explore all the objects that attract your attention – they may contain useful tips. Are you brave enough to dig out the truth? Then plunge into this exciting adventure!

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