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Evil Nun

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In horror games, you never know who will be your opponent. It should not necessarily be a mystic creature –sometimes, plain characters unexpectedly turn into the bloodiest monsters ever seen. This is what happened in the Evil Nun game. You will find yourself locked in the school building. And your enemy is the person whom you considered just a teacher! It is a nun who is a real devil inside. And once she manages to lure someone to this terrible place, she will do all in her power not to let him out!

How to escape?

The main character has been invited to a summer camp to spend time with pleasure. But it turned out to be a trap. The place looks very gloomy as though it does not function as a school for quite long. And it is obvious enough that you cannot stay here as nothing good awaits you. But how to run away if you do not know where the front door is. Besides, the corridor is controlled by the evil nun armed with a giant hammer who is ready for everything to stop you. To your biggest surprise, you will soon discover that you are not the only victim of this insane monster. It seems there are other prisoners that she keeps here. To be able to escape, you will have to solve a lot of complicated puzzles and quests. Do not forget that you will pay a high price if you make even one mistake. So you should be very careful when exploring different parts of the school – try not to attract the attention of your enemy!

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