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LokiCraft Online

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Are you a creative player that is in search for new online entertainment? Then here is a fabulous project to enjoy! And it is Lokicraft! As you may have guessed from its title, the game is devoted to creating something. It is absolutely true! Moreover, you will have a better understanding of the gameplay if we tell you that it is very similar to Minecraft. However, it offers a new approach, new maps and new challenges. Are you ready to embark on a new adventure in this thrilling pixelated world?

Explore and construct to the fullest!

The player starts from scratch here – all you have is a piece of land! Now you need to transform it. What will it be? It is entirely up to you! Only your creativity can dictate the rules as there are simply no restrictions here! Of course, you will not be able to do anything with bare hands. You will need some tools to start building. And you will have to craft them by yourself. Your first devices will be very primitive – you will improvise them from materials you can find around. But no worries! Soon, you will learn to extract resources and produce efficient tools for construction. Your first building will be some shelter where you can stay overnight. But you should continuously rebuild and modernize it.

To accumulate more funds, you can also start farming and gardening. If you manage to get rich crops, you will be able to breed enough animals. All these activities will bring you additional points that you can use to purchase even more materials. Do not forget about your safety – there are a lot of enemies that are just dreaming to attack and ruin your place. Make sure you have enough weapons to fend off everyone who can bring harm to your possessions. The process is practically endless – and you can eventually build a whole empire in Lokicraft! Start this cool experience now!

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