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Who doesn’t want to have a trusty friend who is always happy to see you and enjoys spending time in your company at any time of the day? Even if it’s just a bizarre green creature you met in an online game. His name is BitBuddy, and he’s eager to get to know you better. Are you up for it?

Have fun together with BitBuddy!

Let’s just say, BitBuddy is not your ordinary friend. He has his own idea of fun, and sometimes it’s rather strange. The tasks and puzzles you’ll have to deal with in this game are just as goofy as they are wacky. For instance, you’ll have to feed a certain amount of fruits to your new friend to make him happy. But be careful not to overfeed him, otherwise he may die! Yeah, as brutal as that!

Or you will be tasked to help BitBuddy fight some pixel fish with a sword that is also made of pixels. You have to land those hits aptly and watch your heath meter. Otherwise it’s not a big deal at all, but still worth seeing BitBuddy sail proudly in his boat into the sunset afterwards (not that it has any logical connection). So prepare for some silly fun and lots of exploding brains (your own, as you may guess) playing BitBuddy! You’ll love him!

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