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The Backrooms

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Not all horror games are full of monsters and terrible creatures. There are many other ways to make players tremble with fear even if you act just in a virtual world. If you have no experience with such stories, it is time to start The Backrooms. This survival adventure will take you on a weird adventure where you will be seized only with one wish – to remain alive! Let’s find out a bit more about this entertainment.

How to get out?

The player starts in some strange location that resembles a basement. It is absolutely empty and even looks abandoned. The walls are decorated with faded yellowish wallpapers, but there is not even a tiny window anywhere. A room is followed by another room or a corridor, and it seems this concession is endless and forms a deadly maze. These premises are lit only by dull bulbs hanging from the ceiling. You do not feel comfortable here – it is clear enough that you need to find an exit as soon as possible. At first, you believe it is somewhere around the corner.

However, the time passes and you keep walking with no success. It looks like you are trapped in some vicious circle! The fear penetrates into your soul. What if there is no exit at all here and you will stay here forever? You start to question your sanity because everything looks like a bad dream. But your wristwatch shows that you are in reality and all events are realistic. So you need to invent something to find a solution. The main thing is not to lose your mind and start thinking critically to move forward.

Explore every single item!

If you look around more attentively, you will see random objects scattered around. At first, you thought it was just some trash. But you need to change your mind and study them all. To your surprise, some items will contain precious hints that will help you plan your next step. Be especially careful with all pieces of paper you see around. They may show you some phrases and words – these are not occasional messages. Soon, you will realize that someone was already trying to solve the same puzzle before you. And it seems this person was trying to leave some information for you.

Will you manage to find out that secret message? The game is designed for psychologically strong players. The thing is that you will have a strong feeling that you are not alone in this mysterious maze. Could someone play such an evil joke and lure you to this place to die? This is what you are going to find out. There are several potential endings, depending on your choices.

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