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You think it’s just a potato? Oh no, he’s a true hero! That’s the only person (or vegetable… living being) who stood up to armies of aliens when they arrived at his home farm. And you’re gonna help him bring down each and every one of these green creeps! So, let’s load our guns and plunge into the fight!

Become a brave potato and defeat all the monsters!

Before you begin, you can choose your Brotato class. That’s right, there are several types of these brave spud warriors available, each with their own cool skills and unique powers. Do you prefer strength over agility? Are you more of a close-range or distant-range combatant? The choice is up to you!

Once you’re done, you will find yourself on a location with your typical shooter obstacles and waves of enemies approaching at you. At first, there won’t be so many of them, and you’ll likely deal with them easily. But as they grow in number, you have to be extremely maneuverable and careful!

Between the waves, you can upgrade your skills, equip new weapons and generally improve your potato warrior in all possible ways. Start paling Brotato right now, defend your home and enjoy the action!

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