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Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location

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The FNAF series has managed to attract a huge audience of fans in record times. Every chapter will make you go through a thrilling adventure with evil animatronics. Sister Location is the fifth episode, and its plot slightly differs from the previous ones. Your character will work in the pizzeria, and his main responsibility is to repair the toys overnight and get them flawlessly functioning for the morning. But as you already know, animated toys come to life during night hours and will be hunting you. So the mission is to survive five long nights in this nightmare.

Will you manage to survive?

In this chapter, the level of risk for the player is even higher. You do not stay locked in your office as before. Now, you need to go around the location, while your enemies can attack you at any moment! This time, you will confront a new animatronic – Circus Baby. This antagonist will try to approach you in a friendly way and dictate to you what to do. The development of the plot and the ending now depends on your actions and decisions! But the main task remains the same – you need to control the whereabouts of the monsters and avoid meeting them face to face. Do not forget that you have a limited supply of power and oxygen and you must distribute them very carefully. Will you manage to survive this dangerous adventure? Check it out now!

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