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Noob Steve Parkour

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Wanna go on a really wild and goofy parkour adventure? Noob and Steve are there to accompany you! Together with these characters, you’ll navigate through the pixelated landscapes and show off your brilliant parkour skills, all while enjoying their insane adventures, as usually!

Pixels and parkour

Picture this: you’re mid-air, about to miss that ledge, when suddenly you activate your turbo boost and launch yourself to victory! It’s like having superpowers, but without the whole radioactive spider bite thing. That’s much what will be going on as you play Noob Steve Parkour. Don’t let the pixel art style fool you – this game isn’t actually as simple as it looks!

And let’s not forget the level design! This mad arcade throws at you some of the most mind-boggling, jaw-dropping obstacle courses you’ve ever seen. Each level is a playground of crazy and creative challenges that’ll push your parkour skills to their limits. And the further you proceed the tougher it gets! So strap on those running shoes and let the parkour party begin!

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