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Games with pixelated design are very popular and there are tons of them. Craftsman also allows you to dive into a cute cubic atmosphere. This project is devoted to survival and construction at the same time. It will immediately remind you of Minecraft but everything is modern here. You will find yourself in an open world that you can amend and modernize as you wish. There are enough tools to create multiple structures and buildings. But you will have to craft them practically from scratch.

What is your mission?

The game offers you two modes. You can enjoy it just as a plain simulator in which your ultimate goal is to construct as much as possible. The player starts on an abandoned island. In the beginning, you have no other tools other than your own hands. You will have to explore everything around you. Step by step, you will collect enough materials to craft some basic tools and modernize them. But if you find such an approach too boring, opt for an adventure mode. It will add one more task – you will need to construct and also survive in the world inhabited by evil opponents.

Aggressive enemies will try to destroy you and all your creations. It is vital to carefully organize the extraction of resources, arrange a shelter, craft weapons, create tools and other useful items. There are many adventures awaiting you here. And the best thing is that you can enjoy this entertainment together with your friend in multiplayer mode.

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