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Roblox Doors

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If you are looking for a unique horror experience, this project is ideal for you. It is Roblox Doors, a thrilling adventure that will be challenging for the whole family. So what is the story. The plot is very exciting – you are to explore a virtual hotel. In other words, you need to cross all the rooms here and open all the rooms. We are talking about 100 doors each of which has a surprise for you. Not all these surprises are harmless and innocent. On the contrary, terrible monsters and tricky quests hide behind them. Are you still willing to learn more?

Act without delay!

Every new opened door brings an unexpected twist. As you start the run, you will have to go through some basic premises like lobby, elevator, reception, library and some other. Besides, you will have to go through an endless chain of rooms that are always fresh-generated. There are no two monsters alike here – and each of them comes with individual powers and threats. You will need to assess the situation and find an individual approach to every villain. Enjoy endless thrills and jumpscares and test your agility.

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