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Minecraft Legends

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Your favorite pixelated world is in danger. You need to interrupt all your exploration and crafting activities and save it. Minecraft’s Overlord has attracted insane pilgrims. These terrible creatures have decided to invade it, and you need to activate all your powers to stop them. Evil creatures capture whole settlements and imprison their inhabitants. You will play for the character who must build a strong army to decently meet enemies and destroy them all.

Take part in large-scale battles!

Get enough units to build a strong power. Besides, you will have to collect enough resources to build strong fortifications and protect your lands. When the night comes, your opponents will become especially active and start attacking. You are to participate in endless confrontations. You will need to explore dangerous dungeons and find weapons and other helpful materials to strengthen your army. Make sure you continuously upgrade it, as the number of your enemies will only grow. Traverse multiple levels and do not allow evil pilgrims to succeed.

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