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LokiCraft 2

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Are you a player full of creative ideas and plans? We know where you can easily realize them all! Welcome to Lokicraft 2, a stunning building simulator where you are the author of your virtual world! You decide on what you will construct here – the project has no rules or restrictions. And at the same time, it offers plenty of tools to implement even the most unusual ideas! Give it a try!

Build your own town!

Your character will have only one mission in Lokicraft – to build his own town. But it will imply a lot of hard work before you will be proud of the results. You will start on a bare piece of land with no tools or resources. But do not get upset! You just need to explore the territory around you with extra care. You will find everything you need to craft your first tools. Even if these will look primitive, you will be able to build a shelter for yourself and extract some resources.

Step by step, you will accumulate enough materials to upgrade your inventory and start more complicated structures. Keep mining and gathering resources until you are an owner of a powerful arsenal and can create whatever you just think of. Besides, you can also start a farm and a garden here to get more supplies. You can also select the most appropriate map for your settlement – it can be in the mountains, near the ocean, and even in the forest!

Explore the world and fight the enemies!

The game offers a huge variety of maps to select from. And it is one of its advantages, as you can continuously explore new locations here. There are lots of secrets and wonders to discover as you travel across the Lokicraft world. But at the same time, you will have to face lots of risks and dangers. There are a lot of enemies who are dreaming to capture your settlement. Do not allow it to be destroyed. You should think about protective measures as well.

Luckily, the game allows you to craft all kinds of weapons too. You will be well-protected once you have enough ammo to fend off your opponents. In general, the project is still under development, and you will always find something new to enjoy here. Keep exploring this exciting virtual world and impress everyone with your creations.

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