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Melon Playground

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If you are fond of games with destructive plots, here is something new for you! It is Melon Playground, a simulator where you can perform all possible experiments with mannequins. In other words, all your characters are plain stickmen, and your mission is to use all existing tools and methods to destroy them. A bit unexpected task, right? But it is a very effective way to relieve stress!

Smash them all!

The winning feature of this entertainment is that you have limitless power here. There is no any particular plot here. The only objective is to get rid of everyone you meet on the stage in Melon Playground. All your opponents are pixelated stickmen and your task is to find the most efficient way to break them to pieces.

There are many exciting mods in this game, and you may deal even with zombie opponents. But no matter who is in front of you, select the most powerful weapon and attack the enemy. You may not succeed from the first try, so you should continue until your adversary is fully destroyed. Only in this case, you will be able to start a new confrontation with the next character.

Upgrade your weapons.

The authors of the project have prepared a stunning arsenal of weapons here. But not all of them will be accessible from the first minutes. How to unlock these? Successful completion of each level will bring you in-game currency. Use these funds to purchase more tools in the store. Powerful devices will make things move much faster. But be very careful as your opponents will also become stronger. They will be trying to avoid your hits and attacks, and you will struggle to reach them.

Each opponent should be approached individually. Sometimes, you will even need to use several weapons for the best effect. Do your best to react with lightning speed and change your weapons in time to smash them all. We bet you have not got such a thrilling experience before. Have fun!

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