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Rainbow Noob Survivor

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This game was inspired by the famous Minecraft project. The events unveil in the familiar pixelated universe. Your protagonist is Noob. He is also designed as a personage built of little blocks. But the hero is not alone in this world of pixels. There are a lot of enemies around – these evil monsters from the Rainbow Friends game. These creatures are hunting after Noob, and you must help the character survive. Are you ready to join him?

How can you survive?

Noob must collect all the blocks before his opponents reach him. It will not be easy as the enemies will try to approach him from different directions. You will need to be faster than adversaries to succeed. Rainbow friends are not the only danger the hero will face. There are other traps and hurdles Noob will need to overcome. So make sure you guide your character through endless risks and act fast, allowing him to survive. This activity will be captivating for young players who know Noob and Rainbow friends from other games. So dive into this cook adventure and prove you can outperform your adversaries.

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