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Hello Neighbor 2

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The popular Hello Neighbor invites its fans to its sequel. You will transform into a local reporter who learned about a case of several missing people. It sounds like a great idea for his new article, so he decides to study everything in detail. What if you conduct your own investigation and find out who stands behind these crimes?

Explore an abandoned house!

You have a strong conviction that something is being hidden in the house in front of you. But how to learn more? You will have to sneak inside and explore everything there. You do not have the slightest suspicion that it is going to be a kind of a trap! The place is full of obstacles, and you will have to solve a lot of puzzles to avoid the worst outcome. Moreover, it is not the only place where a criminal may live. There are other neighbors that seem to be hiding something. You need to be very careful when collecting information as you have not the slightest idea who can be your enemy. One thing is sure – you will act in quite a dangerous environment!

Challenge artificial intelligence!

During the walkthrough, you will notice a strange creature following you everywhere. Later, you will learn it is your main opponent, and he is being controlled by artificial intelligence. This personage will analyze all your choices and actions and immediately change the further events, making them more difficult to solve.

Whenever you need to restart the game from the very beginning, all the traps and clues will be fully rearranged. There are no monsters or zombies in this horror game, but the gloomy atmosphere and the feeling of being spied on will drive you mad! Will you manage to find out who really hides behind the missing people? Join now to check your detective skills!

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