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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

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All fans of Poppy Playtime already know that the old toy factory has turned out to be home to evil monsters. Everyone considered it to be empty as it did not work for years. It was covered by some mysterious story, and nobody dared to enter it. However, one curious ex-worker has overcome his fear and discovered that it is inhabited by insane residents. All plush toys came to life, but they all transformed into dangerous creatures that are ready to kill!

What secrets do the toys hide?

The series will make you face a lot of antagonists. All of them have cartoon appearance, but inside they are true beasts. You will play for the hero who is determined to find out why all workers disappeared from here some time ago. But it looks like toys are not happy about this intention. They will try to prevent the main character from disclosing the truth. What are they hiding? You will need to confront several extremely dangerous opponents to succeed. Get ready for an intense hide-and-seek adventure with Huggy Wuggy, a blue monster that is going to squeeze you to death.

Do your best to run away from Kissy Missy who is intending to mislead you and send a deadly kiss. And make sure to solve all puzzles of Mommy Long Legs who is ready to wrap you in the web if you fail. Every meeting with a new toy is a huge challenge to overcome. And whom will you meet in a new chapter? Join now to find it out! It is going to be a thrilling adventure this time!

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