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Baldi’s Basics Plus

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Do you remember a crazy math teacher from Baldi Basics? Then you will be delighted to know that its new release is already inviting you to have further fun. The main plot has not changed much – you play for a student who left some notebooks in school. Now he needs to go back and look for them. But there is one obstacle the hero does not expect to meet – and it is insane Baldi! The antagonist is not happy to see you here and has prepared a thrilling challenge for you!

Solve as many problems as you can!

You may know that Baldi is so in love with his subject that he makes everyone solve tasks. Every time you find a notebook, you will immediately see a few math problems on the first page – you must provide solutions to these to be allowed to move forward. Do not even ask what will happen if you fail. Just look at your opponent! He holds a long ruler in his hand, and you will be immediately punished once the evil teacher reaches you. Even if you are not able to provide the right answer, do not wait – start running as fast as you can. You still have a tiny chance to escape the mad teacher!

Gameplay has been expanded!

The adventure has been fully reworked this time. Now, all levels are randomly generated and you will never play two games alike. Every level is a new challenge! You will be running away from Baldi not only in school but in a variety of stunning locations. There are not only math tasks to be dealt with but lots of other obstacles that may stop you. The plot is very complicated, and you will need to rack your brain to pass every level. But one thing is sure – you will have no time to be bored in this thrilling adventure!

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