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Pizza Tower

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Get ready to experience the wildest pizza adventure ever with Pizza Tower! In this insane and wacky game, you’re a pizza delivery guy named Peppino, on a mission to deliver the most delicious pizzas in the world. But here’s the twist: you have to make all the way up this creepy tower crawling with monsters. Think you can do this?

Deliver pizza with style and attitude!

So you see, it’s a job with a hitch: you’re not just delivering pizzas – you’re also fighting off evil mutants that are trying to stop you from bringing those delicious pies to the destination. That’s right, you’ll have to use your pizza tossing skills to defeat those baddies and save the day!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll also have to use your platforming skills to navigate through all sorts of crazy obstacles, like bouncing mushrooms, sliding pepperonis, and even flying tomatoes! And don’t forget to collect all those pizza slices along the way for some extra bonus points. So if you’re ready for a mad and hilarious pizza adventure, Pizza Tower is the game for you!

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