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People Playground

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If you are tired of traditional construction or job simulators, here is something thrilling and new for you. Now, you do not need to create anything. On the contrary, your main goal is absolutely different – you will have to destroy and ruin! There is no plot here – you can do whatever you want. So you can make cruel experiments on people, explode different objects, burn and kill! Are you ready for such an activity?

What are the rules?

Actually, there is no specific plot or rules in this online entertainment. The only objective is to make fun! But this fun is different to what you normally see in other simulators. This constructor comes with excellent physics and allows you to realize the craziest ideas. If you feel like a little maniac deep inside, then this game will give you the opportunity to implement all your secret dreams. You will be impressed by spectacular scenes of destruction. The game comes with very stunning graphics – and you will see torn off arms and legs, blood, corpses scattered around and much more terrible content. How many tortures can your victim withstand? You will never know until you experiment! Your only goal is to use the most frightening methods to destroy all the opponents. Rip them to pieces, punch huge holes in their bodies, smash them or even burn them to ashes!

Enjoy endless fun!

The biggest advantage of People Playground is its endless possibilities that enable you to create whatever you can only think of. No matter how cruel it may sound, you can test all kinds of weapons on living beings. The menu will provide you with access to a stunning arsenal – guns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even powerful grenades! You can select any mechanism you like and see how it works on vehicles, various equipment and even people! When it comes to living beings, you can use not only destructive tools, but also other sophisticated methods to bring harm to them. For example, you can take a syringe with poison and see how it will work on your victim! The project is very engaging, and do not be afraid of some degree of violence in it – this is only online entertainment. Have fun!

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