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Bed Wars

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This multiplayer game comes with a very exciting plot. All players are grouped in four teams, and each of them has its own islands. This island plays a role of a base, and its key element is a bed that you need to protect especially properly. Members of your team will be able to respawn as long as you can keep your bed intact. But you need only to protect your base but also destroy those of the opponents in order to get rid of them. To kill them all, you need to ruin their beds.

Do not stop extracting resources

Your island has a lot of different resources that you need to craft tools and devices that you need to reach the hostile bases. You also need a lot of materials to properly protect your territory. Collect enough resources to sell them and purchase protective blocks and other elements. Also get the necessary items to build bridges to reach the bases you need to destroy. Another important thing is to correctly organize the work of your team by delegating clear duties to each of its members. Will you manage to skillfully complete this challenge and kill all the adversaries?

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