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Welcome to an exciting craft project that will immediately remind you of Minecraft. If you enjoy construction and creation in that popular game, you are going to allow Lokicraft as well. You will find yourself in a huge world with endless opportunities for exploration and construction. The player gets an almost unlimited amount of land and start to work with it. There are no restrictions here except your own imagination. Are you ready for this new exciting adventure?

How to play?

This game will be appreciated by those who love construction and resource extraction. You start with actually nothing but a piece of land here. And your ultimate task is to transform this territory into something beautiful and unique. Of course, you will not be able to succeed barehanded. So the first step is to look around and find some materials to craft your first tools. Once you manage to make some devices, think about your safety. It will be dark soon, and you need some shelter to stay protected from wild animals and other enemies. The extraction of resources will help you move forward.

You will have simply to collect some of them. More expensive materials will require special equipment. So do not stop crafting various tools. Besides endless construction, you can also start a farm here and grow your own garden. You can always tame or create cute animals for yourself or plant some plants or vegetables. If you manage to get a good harvest, you will feed animals and get excellent livestock. But be aware of vandals who will be trying to attack your possessions and destroy everything. You will need to craft a powerful arsenal of weapons to always fend off opponents!

Explore this endless world!

One of the winning features of Lokicraft is its rich geography. Players will be delighted to find out that they can travel around this world with no restrictions. You will find all types of maps here – mountains, oceans, plains, and forests. Only you decide where your settlement is going to be built. Each map offers tons of opportunities to realize the craziest ideas. Now, it depends only on your creativity! But do not forget about risks and dangers that you will face in each particular location. Do not underestimate the importance of crafting enough weapons and tools to become invulnerable to many enemies. Dive into this exciting adventure – every day you will find something new and your journey will never be boring here!

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